Quality Management


Persistence for healthy and
tasty food is our irrepraceable professional mind set.

Food Safety and Quality Management Policy

  1. In addition to the satisfaction for customers' requirements as well as legal and regulatory requirements, we will fulfill social responsibilities for safe, healthy and happy food culture.
  2. In pursuit of the highest customer value, we will guarantee the satisfaction of customer and food safety requirements throughout the entire process of development, raw ingredients, processing, storage and shipping.
  3. We will continuously pursue changes and innovations for factors consisting this value system, and ensure the compliance to the Food Safety Management System (FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, ISO 22002-1, and HACCP) regulated by the company.


Using raw ingredients grown in a pleasant environment, we are managing the entire process of production, storage and distribution based on a strict standard.

  • Warehousing & Inspection on Raw & Subsidiary Ingredients

    Warehouse only the finely selected ingredients and strictly perform quality test.

  • Preliminary works for pretreatment

    processing (Sorting, washing, defrosting, etc.)

  • processing

    Manufacturing process in compliance with the work standard and hygiene criteria per processing and process (sauce production, heating, braising, and crushing, etc.)

    • * Induction & steaming facility
    • * Patented for soy sauce braising technology
  • product specifications

    상Automatic filling and packaging (small packaging - large packaging) suitable for mixing and filling packaging

    • * utomatic rotary filler, cup sealer, band sealer and many other facilities
  • Inspection, post process

    Weight measuring for the best quality and customer convenience / various processing such as sorting foreign substance, and a retort post-processing

    • * Weight sorter, x-ray equipment, metal detector, retort machine and many other facilities
  • Outer packaging & shipping

    Systematic storage management and shipping system at logistics center with a scale of 1,000-pyeong

    • * 4 cold storages, 2 refrigerated storages


  • HACCP인증서(축산물조림201709)

    HACCP Certificate
    Braised livestock (2017. 09.)

  • HACCP인증서(축산물조림201705)

    HACCP Certificate
    Braised livestock (2017. 05.)

  • HACCP인증서(축산물조림201508)

    HACCP Certificate
    Braised livestock (2015. 08.)

  • HACCP인증서(식육추출가공법,양념육)

    HACCP Certificate
    Food processing method,Seasoned meat

  • 기술평가우수기업인증서

    Certificate of Excellent Technology Evaluation

  • 육류세절용파쇄장치특허

    Crushing device for meat cuts

  • 장조림제조특허

    Manufacturing Method of Chang Jong Lim and System for Manufacturing Chang Jong Lim using the same

  • 지역경제발전유공

    Local Economic Development