We put best efforts for the global recognition based on our company philosophy of sincerity and consideration.

We are putting best efforts for the development of Korean traditional foods that have been globally recognized for their excellence based on our company philosophy of "sincerity and consideration", which is essential to social life. We are dedicated to become a "global top company" by researching and succeeding braised dishes such as "soy sauce braised dishes" that are our traditional foods favored by people of all ages. From the result of focusing our passion on braised dishes for many years including soy sauce braised meat, you can easily taste our products such as soy sauce braised beef provided by Bon Porridge, the biggest porridge producer in Korea, as well as on large domestic & overseas distribution channels, home shopping, and online shopping mall. Dreaming of a greater market than today, we will accelerate more in pioneering overseas markets along with domestic market and become a globally recognized company.
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CEO Guk-yeol Hong

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Farming Corporation


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